Here are some recent things I've done.

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Recent Projects

For (hopefully) obvious reasons, I cannot share any of the work I’ve done for the DoD. What I can divulge is for the last 8 years the number of web screens I’ve created is in the hundreds, and the number of screens I’ve maintained is considerably more. I’ve primarily used CSS, HTML and JavaScript in the creation of these projects.

The work I do as a freelance web developer is very different. I use PHP, MySQL, jQuery, WordPress, CSS, and very little JavaScript in the creation of these projects. And, unlike DoD work, my freelance work concentrates on websites that are responsive, (usually) minimal, and smartphone friendly.

As I mentioned on my About page, my freelance works concentrates on churches and faith-based organizations. My two most recent projects certainly fit this description.

Lake Wildwood Baptist Church
In August 2013, I was asked to develop and implement a new website for Lake Wildwood Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.

Lake Wildwood’s pastor, Paul J. Dziadul, requested a website that would be “uncluttered” and “user friendly.” In discussing the website with him, I also stressed the importance of having a website that would be friendly to tablet and smartphone users. We had a clear, shared vision right from the start.

Using WordPress as my content management system, a new theme (design) was created based on the HTML5 Boilerplate. I created multiple stylesheets — each based on the min-width of the user’s browser (a design tactic I chose not repeat in the creation of the website you are seeing now) — to dictate how the website looked based on whether the user had a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The end result was a nice, vibrant, responsive design with ample white space. LWBC’s website features a pastoral blog, audio sermons (along with an iTunes Podcast I set up for them), an event calendar, an announcements page, and more. And, using Jetpack for WordPress, the website is integrated with the church’s existing Facebook page and newly-created Twitter account.

You can check it out here.

Central Georgia Vida Nueva
In late 2012, I was asked to update the website for CGVN, aka Central Georgia Vida Nueva. What is Vida Nueva, you ask?

Vida Nueva is an extreme 3-day encounter with Christ! You’ll journey with other 15-20-year-olds through the death and resurrection of Jesus to find the true meaning of NEW LIFE in Him. With Jesus as the ideal, you’ll learn how to live a grace-filled, Christian life with confidence.

After a review of the existing website, it was determined the best thing to do was start over from scratch. As I was relatively new to the notion of responsive design, I partially relied on publicly-available tricks, themes and plugins in the creation of the CGVN website. I affectionately called it “my very own Frankenstein’s Monster.”

WordPress was used as my CMS. Taking the best parts of several publicly-available themes, combining them, tweaking them, and then adding my own code along with a few WordPress plugins, a very simple, smartphone friendly website was created.

You can check it out here.