Practical website, social media and blogging tips for churches.


Church websites are for visitors, social media is for members

2 years ago

Why a church’s website should be for visitors and its social media should be for existing congregation.


Essential church website feature: Visitor info section

2 years ago

A nice, detailed, easy-to-find Visitors section is an essential element for any church website.


My argument for turning off comments

2 years ago

Starting in version 1.0, I chose not to implement commenting on my professional website and blog.


10 optimization tips to make your church, WordPress or personal website faster, stronger and lemony fresh

2 years ago

Some basic, easy-to-implement tips for improving the speed of your church, blog or personal website.


With hyperlinks, as with life, what’s obvious to some isn’t so obvious to others

2 years ago

Some basic tips for displaying hyperlinks in your website. What’s obvious to you may not be obvious to a visitor.

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