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In loving memory of Smokey (aka Angel Cat)

1 year ago

My cat of 15 years, Smokey, passed away overnight. His passing was made all the more difficult coming on the heels of our other cat of 10 years, Bashful, passing away two weeks ago.


The state of affairs

1 year ago

Much has happened in my life since I last published. This post will bring anyone up to speed, as well as dive into a possible new direction for this website.


The need for clear communication guidelines

2 years ago

Whether you have a single individual or a team of individuals handling your website and social media duties, you need clear communication guidelines.


Social media allows you to spread joy

2 years ago

Social media brings to my attention stories I likely would not have known otherwise. And, usually, these used-to-fly-under-the-radar stories are good stories. Uplifting stories. Stories like these.


Painting a clear picture for your church with your website

2 years ago

What are ways a church website sets expectations for visitors? Why is setting realistic expectations important?

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