I serve a great God, love a great wife, and create things that are sometimes great.

I AM: Freelance blogger by night

While my day job the last 8 years has me developing web-based projects for our Department of Defense, I am also a freelance blogger and writer. This allows me to further push myself creatively, while also offering my family a supplemental income stream.

I BLOG: About sports, personal finance and web design

There are three things I love (well, four counting my wife) and lucky for me those are also the three things I know inside out. When I write, it’s usually about sports, money or web design.

I USE: The wonderful WordPress

There are many content management systems out there, but I am quite partial to WordPress. I use it, I work with it, and occasionally I write about it. I like its flexibility: WordPress can be used as a blog, a company website, or even a church.

I LOVE: My beautiful wife

The Lord blessed me beyond measure when He brought my lovely wife into my life. The time I spend during evenings working on this site and others is time I could spend with her, so I thank her for her patience and understanding. And, the sole reason I do this is so I can potentially earn extra income to better provide for her. In short, I love her.